An Easy-to-Read Poster of 42 Gemstone Meanings for Everyone to Understand

Gemstones are known for their healing properties. Depression, anxiety, fear, bad luck, distractions, lack of love, lack of abundance, the list goes on; all of these negatives can hinder our lives. There has to be an energy that we can connect with that can help us become more positively balanced as humans. There are 42 gemstones in this article that are known to provide healing properties for many of our spiritual disadvantages. In addition, they are used by world-renowned people as well, and for more notable reasons than one. Gemstones shouldn’t be overlooked as they are actual crystals that we can count on for various significant factors.

Below are 42 gemstones and their healing properties, presented in simplistic word choices:

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These 42 gemstones have been used by the world for centuries. Celebrities, kings, queens, priests, the list goes on, gemstone crystals are appreciated and adored, and not only for their healing properties, although realized.


The ruby is considered the gemstone of kings.

Quote from the article, “Possessing a ruby purportedly benefited and protected the owner’s estates and assisted in the accumulation of wealth”.


Queen Elizabeth ll, a fan of diamonds, wore Emerlads in honor of her birthday.

Quote from article, “The Queen’s personal jewelry collection is vast and includes many iconic pieces, such as the Sapphire Jubilee Necklace and the Diamond Jubilee Necklace”.


No one of this day and age is sure about the types of gemstones used, but in Biblical times, there was a breastplate (of 12 gems) worn by The Jewish High Priest. However, someone has managed to suggest what they may have been:

Quote from article,

“The following six examples show the gemstones scholars believe are most likely to have been present and order in which they were positioned.   

  • Row 1: ruby · topaz · beryl
  • Row 2: turquoise · sapphires (ancient name for lapis lazuli) · emerald
  • Row 3: jacinth (reddish-orange stone variety of zircon) · agate · amethyst
  • Row 4: chrysolite (possibly chrysoberyl or olivine) · onyx · jasper…”

The 12 gems represent the 12 tribes of Israel.


Angelina Jolie – Emerald (Fashion sense)

Elizabeth Hurley – Blue Sapphire (Fashion Sense)

Jessica Simpson – Ruby (Engagement)

Quote from article, “Unquestionably, embracing gemstones add a timeless and alluring appeal to an individual’s personality that’s why some of the most noteworthy and followed names in the Hollywood industry like Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry gracefully flaunt their splendid gemstone jewelry wherever they hope on”.

Are gemstones also birthstones?

Yes. Each birth month has a gemstone that represents it. For example: the Peridot gemstone represents August. The Garnet crystal represents January. The Ruby stone represents July. For the stone representation for your month, click here or here.

What is the most popular gemstone?

According to the “10 Most Popular Gemstones” article by, the most popular gemstone is the Diamond. The Emerald comes in at second place. And in third place, Sapphire.

Where can I buy each one of the 42 gemstones listed on the poster?

You can buy these gemstones at Click here and select the category that best represents your interest. Buyers can purchase not only all 42 gems but in various types of pieces: furniture, jewelry, ornaments, etc.

The easy-to-read poster of gemstone meanings is quite easy to understand. When explaining, some guides go too in-depth about gemstone properties, possibly so far in that you think gemstones are for witchcraft. Using each gemstone for its particular natural purpose is ok to do so. Depression, anxiety, and prosperity are the three popular reasons why people use gemstones in jewelry, furniture, and ornaments.

Some of the most cherished people of our world, present and past, took advantage of the healing, and complimentary properties of gemstones. With this easy-to-understand gemstone meaning guide, wearers of gemstones can uncomplicatedly understand the healing that is being done. If you didn’t know, the poster ensures just about anyone can understand.

Titles translated in Spanish, Arabic and French

Un póster fácil de leer con 42 significados de piedras preciosas que todos pueden entender

ملصق سهل القراءة يحتوي على 42 معنى للأحجار الكريمة لكي يفهمها الجميع

Une affiche facile à lire de 42 significations des pierres précieuses que tout le monde peut comprendre

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