How to Polish a Gemstone Without Using a Fancy Machine (Video)

The process of polishing your very own cabochon or facet gemstone doesn’t require expensive equipment. The budget for polishing a raw gemstone can cost just a strand over $25. The video presented in this article gives, not only a step-by-step guide on how to polish a raw gemstone but teaches you additional gemstone knowledge that will help you better understand the gemstone that you are working with (Amber). TrollFaceTheMan, the video instructor, will ensure that you are properly informed on how to polish your very own raw jewel from the earth.

In order to start your gemstone polishing craft, you must have a few supplies:

Gemstone polishing supplies:

Total – $25.88

Once you’ve accumulated the listed supplies, you’ll be ready to start your gemstone polishing project to perhaps use your stone for a jewelry-making craft, such as a gemstone ring or bracelet.

In the video, TrollFAceTheMan shows how you can use a kitchen bowl, wrapped in a bandana, to polish your stone with toothpaste. This is another method of polishing to consider.

Can you apply the same polishing methods in the video to gemstones other than raw amber?

Wikihow recommends using sandpaper as a polishing method for gemstones across the board. It is ideal to use various types of grit sandpaper. Some experts suggest starting with a 60 grit. Then, work to 160 grit and next a 320 or 360 grit for a smoother finish. As a finishing touch, they also suggest powered polish with a denim cloth.

When it comes to using toothpaste, according to, you shouldn’t use it to polish your jewelry at all. If you do decide to use it, as it is taught in toTrollFAceTheMan video, you should stay clear of using toothpaste on Pearl and Opal.

How much do those fancy gemstone polishing machines cost anyways?

Well, professional rock polishing machines, including grinding capabilities can cost $19,000. However, there are portable, less expensive quality gemstone polishing, and grinding machines that you can purchase through Amazon for a little over $100.

Where to buy raw gemstones

There is only one place to recommend where to buy raw gemstones and that’s

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