The Opal Gemstone is a Favorite of Taylor Swift: How Opal Helped Taylor Become the Phenomenal Person She Is Today

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Photo by  ROSA RAFAEL of Unsplash

The opal gemstone, since it was first mined in a cave in Kenya back in 4000 BC has been a favorite among the masses. There is nothing new about the attraction of Opal. It’s a beautiful stone and in addition, it contains significant positive healing properties. Recently, Taylor Swift was spotted at her birthday party wearing an expensive opal ring, not her first time wearing an opal in public. And there is no secret why Taylor is so excited about flaunting it, well to some it isn’t a secret. Many of her fans very well know who bought Taylor the opal ring, and the history behind why she loves the opal gemstone over other stones.

The ring Taylor wore at her 34th birthday party of 2023 combined the swift-favorite opal gemstone and a blue topaz. Opal is her current boyfriend, Travis Kelce’s birthstone (of October), and the blue topaz; Taylor’s birthstone (of December). Clearly, the two gemstones together on one ring worn by Taylor Swift symbolize their relationship. Why wouldn’t it?

However, her liking for the opal gem is not only because it intensifies the joy of her relationship but because of what the gemstone meant for her as a child.

Why the opal is the favorite gemstone in Taylor Swift’s collection?

It’s Taylor’s luck that she fell for a guy whose birthstone is her favorite gemstone. But that’s beside the point. On November 10, 2017, in an article titled, “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” (Taylor Swift edition), in US Magazine, Taylor Swift’s #14th thing on the list was the following: “My favorite stone is an opal because when I was bullied in school, my mom used to take me to T.J. Maxx after school to look at the opal jewelry. I thought opals were so beautiful, and somehow it made me feel better. We never bought them, just looked.” The fact that opal had a positive effect on Taylor Swift’s mood tells us that opal is a powerful thing. And being the superstar Taylor Swift is, surely, she wouldn’t disclose any story unless she felt that it could benefit her fans.

The healing properties of Opal

The opal gemstone has a few energy benefits, which Taylor Swift likely didn’t know at the time (as a kid), that helped relieve her of a troubled childhood of bullying:

Properties (benefits) of Opal:

  • Creativity – helped Taylor channel her creativity by using her emotional turmoil to her advantage.
  • Good Fortune – helped spearhead Taylor to where she is today (singing career). An accumulation of good fortune, since a kid, eventually formulated to help create the Grammy Award-winning artist we know today.
  • Peace – provided peace to Taylor through her times of distress.
  • Joy – helped Taylor to continue to enjoy her childhood through various bullying episodes.
  • Wealth – well, Ms. Swift is close to being a billionaire by now. Her journey started as a kid.

How old was Taylor Swift when she was bullied in school?

Based on Taylor Swift’s inspiration to write country songs from being bullied in grade school, and starting to write those songs at 12. I would say Taylor’s bullying started not too long before that.

Photos of Taylor Swift wearing opal

Taylor Swift wearing opal earrings at the Golden Globes.

Taylor Swift wearing opal earrings at the Golden Globes.

Taylor Swift wearing an opal pendant out in New York.

Taylor Swift wearing an opal pendant out in New York.

Taylor Swift Birthday Party (2023)

Taylor Swift wearing an opal ring at her birthday Party (2023).

As a fan of Taylor Swift, knowing her likes and dislikes is desirable. Opal is Taylor’s favorite gemstone. And not only so, but according to her photos, she looks amazing in them and should never stop wearing them. My opinion.

And, now knowing where Taylor’s love for opal gemstones originated from, as her fans, we can better appreciate the megastar as a human being who has an inspiring past dating back to her childhood. Those kids who are or were bullied can now consider an alternative in helping to deal with the anguish of feeling alone.

Taylor Swift favors the opal gemstone over the other gems: Garnets, Emeralds, Rubies, etc., and there is a significant reason behind it. Thankfully, Taylor was fortunate to be able to make lemonade out of lemons, with the genius help of her mother. She persisted through her turmoil as a kid to later become the phenomenal Grammy Award, Platinum-selling artist she is today. Opal is Taylor Swift’s favorite gemstone.

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