An Easy-to-Make String Gemstone Bracelet (How to)

Who would’ve thought that making jewelry could have been any easier? Many are under the assumption that a gemstone bracelet requires the highest level of skill for it to become remarkable. Well, after finishing this article, you will be convinced that making a string gemstone bracelet is as easy as cutting a pie six ways. Let’s watch a 5-minute tutorial, by Karen Hui, on how to craft a string gemstone bracelet in 5 minutes.

Karen Hui is the tutorial guide in the youtube video presented. Her easy-to-follow instructions and friendly voice will constitute an enjoyable gemstone string bracelet crafting experience. Have a seat. Drink some tea. Put on a smile. Because Karen Hui will successfully teach you how to make a gemstone bracelet with just beads and a string.

Before getting started, please make sure to have the following supplies:

Let’s have some fun!

What If It Takes Me 10 Minutes to Finish My Gemstone Bracelet? Does that mean I’m Doing Something Wrong?

Absolutely not. Every artist works at a different pace. And it also depends on experience. Karen should be your inspiration and a goal. If you’re crafting your gemstone bracelet at 10 minutes, your goal should be to cut that time and eventually finish in 5 minutes.

Can I Sell My Gemstone Bracelet When I’m Complete?

Absolutely! You can start your very own jewelry business easily in just nine steps. Once you get a basic idea of how to make your jewelry efficiently, you can meet high demands of your customers.

How to Make a Gemstone Earring

Besides the fun hobby of crafting a bracelet using gemstones, earring gemstone crafts can be just as fun.

Below are the art supplies you’d need:

A video by @beadlot of Youtube provides an easy-to-understand #Short, under a minute, regarding the process of creating bread earrings:

Making jewelry isn’t rocket science, as it is revealed in this article. Surely, with the right willpower, there isn’t any amount of difficulty, when making a string gemstone bracelet, that would cause you to stop the artistic fun. The sky is the limit on what you can do with your crafted jewelry. They make great gifts for book club members.

As easy as cutting a pie six ways. The string gemstone bracelet presented in this article, crafted in the video tutorial by Karen Hui , is a beautiful piece that just about anyone at any age can complete. With just a little skill and focus wrapping rope aesthetically around a straw, and adding a bead: an attractive gemstone bracelet is born.

Titles translated in Spanish, Arabic and French

Una pulsera de piedras preciosas en hilo fácil de hacer (cómo hacerlo)

سوار من الأحجار الكريمة سهل الصنع (كيفية صنعه)

Un bracelet de pierres précieuses en fil facile à fabriquer (Comment faire)

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