Do-It-Yourself Gemstone Crafts

Looking for a new hobby? Discover a few new crafts with gemstones that you can do when you have some extra time to spare. Fun hobbies for all ages. Learn step-by-step through easy-to-follow video tutorials. Oh! And take in a dose of motivation and encouragement while you’re at it.

Crafts for Everyone:

August 10, 2023 (Peridot) – How to Craft a Cabochon Pendant with Copper Wire

August 11, 2023 (Peridot) – An Easy-to-Make String Gemstone Bracelet (How to)

August 16, 2023 (Peridot) – How to Make a Beautiful Cabochon Gemstone Ring

August 18, 2023 (Peridot) – How to Polish a Gemstone Without Using a Fancy Machine (Video)

August 24, 2023 (Peridot) – How to Make Your Very Own Handmade Beaded Necklace

September 13, 2023 (Sapphire) – How to Make Your Own Natural Gemstone Jeans

December 20, 2023 (Turquoise, Tanzanite, Blue Topaz, and Blue Zircon) – How to Decorate a YATOJUZI Malachite Gemstone Tree with Other Gemstone Jewelry

January 1, 2024 (Red Garnet) – Adding Real Gemstones to Your Car Exterior: An Arts and Crafts Project to Enhance Style and Flair

January 12, 2024 (Red Garnet) – How to Make a Gemstone Jean Jacket

March 2, 2024 (Aquamarine) – How to Create Your Own Youtube Channel About Gemstone Jewelry and Monetize It

March 21, 2024 (Aquamarine) – Creating Stunning Flower Gemstone Earrings for Spring

April 29, 2024 (Diamond) – DIY Gemstone Hairpin: Adding a Touch of Glam to Your Hairstyle

Crafts Just for Kids:

December 15, 2023 (Turquoise, Tanzanite, and Blue Zircon) – Crafting a Gemstone Elephant: A Step-by-Step Guide for Kids

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